Vertical waters, 2019


Part of the exhibition: Sitting Circles at Galerie Wedding.

Extract of the curatorial text:

Ana Alenso creates phenomenological cycles from used, old materials - primarily industry and mass production leftovers. How do the systems we have built function, and how can we get out of their circuits? »Vertical Waters« (2019) looks at water as a symbol of life on this earth and as a symbol of hierarchies that arise in the course of the exploitation of our natural resources. It flows in a closed circuit through an installation consisting of hoses, metal, PVC and plastic. In this living system we encounter the elements, we can feel them. The inevitable, yet intangible, takes on a form in which resistance to environmental, social and economic imbalances is formulated and calls for a participation in this resistance. In this manner, established patterns of thinking are meant to be interrupted, and -given the fear of environmental disasters caused by the pollution of our planet - perspectives for new options for participation, agency and usage are created.


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