Blood of the earth 


9min 31seg  

A collaboration with Radio Carabuco, a project by Andres Pereira.

For this first episode venezuelan artist Ana Alenso brings a piece mixing recent events regarding oil extraction in South America. To do so, Alenso mixes news flashes, indigenous testimonies and songs, machine sounds and vernacular venezuelan music inviting us to see with the ears how could we configure a extractivist landscape fuelled by greed and pain. ‘’Oil is the Earth’s blood’’ claims an colombian U´wa indigenous leader, ‘’’ Prophetic? Yes, specially if we think of today’s Venezuelan political situation.



1 Venezuela, Caribe Y Musica. Ed. Oswaldo Lares and Rafael Salazar, conac, 2003.

2  Of the word god, The Books. Album: Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, 2013.

3 Extract from the conference: Democracy, Governance and War in Oil Exporting Nations by Karl,Terry Lynn, at  The University of Chicago, May 2007

4 El excremento del diablo (The excrement of the Devil), is a term coined by Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso, a Venezuelan diplomat, politician and lawyer

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