Berlin-based Venezuelan artist Ana Alenso creates sculptures and installations using materials sourced from the mining and oil industries. Her poetic yet darkly dystopian works explore the intricate web of conflicts and paradoxes, delving into notions of progress and destruction deeply embedded in the oil-based development of the last century. Her artistic practice is often accompanied by field explorations and multidisciplinary collaborations, resulting in works that serve as both warnings and seductions, marking the dangerous ambivalence in our society's relationship with natural resources and extractivism. 


She has been honored with numerous grants and scholarships, including from Stiftung Kunstfonds, DAAD, Berlin Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, and the Berlin Art Prize. Recent exhibitions and commissions include the Geneva Biennale: Sculpture Garden in Switzerland, Street Fight at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland; Oil, Beauty, and Horror in the Petrol Age at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg; Conference: Experience of Oil at Stavanger Museum in Norway; The Garden Bridge at Brücke Museum, Atonal at Kraftwerk Berlin, El Museo de la democracia in NGBK, and Terrestrial Assemblage at Floating University in Berlin.




Detailed CV and Portfolio upon request.


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