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  1. Terminal State, 2019

    Sound installation

    Oil canisters, glass bottles, space heater, water, amplifiers, found materials from the Zagreb recycling center.


    Part of the exhibition:

    Extraction: Liquid Flames of the Solid Core

    Curated by Àngels Miralda
    Exhibition: 5 July - 3 August
    Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb

  2. For Extraction, Alenso’s piece Terminal State has approached the issue of extractivism in the Adriatic specifically in the island of Krk. Speaking with activists based both in Zagreb and Krk, she reconstructed a situation in which oil speculation ties with venture capitalism and political corruption. The installation uses barrels of oil as sound containers, found metal parts, and water bottles recuperated from local recycling centers. It serves as a visual premonition of the dangers of offshore platforms specifically related to the LNG gas terminal in Krk - that oil floats to the surface of the sea in a scenario of endless toxic contamination. The installation uses gravity and balance to display the precarious situation of areas used for extractivist exploitation. Through her installations she follows a trace which indisputably positions oil speculation with parallel conditions of greed and disregard for ecological decay. With hope, she concentrates on the actors who resist these tendencies and have halted operations through local campaigns.