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  1. Lo que la mina te da, la mina te quita 
    Publicación.  Coming launch in summer 2021

    What the mine gives, the mine takes proposes an exploratory journey, at the same time speculative and documentary, through the current conditions of the Venezuelan Amazon. From the roots of the dense Amazon jungle, approaching us to the indigenous cosmogonies and their ways of coexisting with the gold and diamond mines, to the tensions between the different armed groups that control the region, the trajectories of smuggling and drug trafficking, the extraction technologies and the socio-environmental consequences of years of exploitation and dispossession. Through a dialogue between art, research, science, poetry, painting, activism and architecture, a conglomerate of testimonies and ideas is woven that proposes a broad and heterogeneous vision of the ecocide that is happening right before our eyes.

    The project includes contributions from the activist group SOSOrinoco, filmmaker Alexandra Henao, Pemón Kukuy, poet Santiago Acosta, researcher Alessandra Caputo Jaffe, urban architect Ricardo Avella and artists Ana Alenso, Luis Arroyo, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Esperanza Mayobre, Marcos Montiel Soto, Lucia Pizzani and Christian Vink. The book is edited by Ana Alenso, designed by Estudio Santiago Da Silva and will be published by Bom Dia Books. 


  2. Alessandra Caputo

    Alessandra Caputo