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  1. BRENT CRUDE OIL - ELF Edition

    sound installation
    Oil barrel, aluminum ramp, wheelbarrow, wood, amplifier, transducer
    Exhibition Money Laundering at SixtyEight Art Institute, Denmark.

    The installation is an assemblage consisting of an oil barrel, an aluminum ramp, a wheelbarrow, pieces of wood, aluminum and the sound of an oil barrel being dragged over the asphalt. A sound recording claims our attention from the bottom of the barrel, evoking the fragility of the bases that sustain financial markets. The installation draws on the imbalances caused by our dependency on so-called “black gold” and discuss critically and metaphorically the significance of the sudden fall of oil price in May 2016 (the lowest price level in last 11 years).

    It is almost impossible to make a forecast of the oil market, since the oil prices not only depend on the extent of production and consumption within the oil market, but also on the sociopolitical conditions of the oil exporting countries. Using this premise as a point of departure, Alenso’s work explores how geopolitics, economists and brokers in the stock market exist on mere speculations, which unlike the artistic speculation, have a scaled, hyper-metabolic and direct impact on the lives of multitudes, in many countries.